Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Somebody say something snide please!": Jawbreaker - Live 8/11/90 at 924 Gilman St.

JaThis is a great early bootleg from the Unfun era, which as it turns out is the source of the "Live at Gilman" bootleg 7" that a few people I know have. The band blazes through this set at a hardcore-esque level of energy (especially on "You're Right"), including the two Bivouac songs that appear on this. The tracks fade in and out, which somewhat detracts from the momentum of the recording. According to, a great deal of banter, a cover of Freebird, and a jam played by Adam and Chris while Blake fixes a broken string are cut from this version. One day I will find a full version of this bootleg, and all will be alright in the world. Most of the time stage banter isn't very interesting, but I enjoy it being on a recording. I guess it makes it seem more authentic, and is part of the reason why I download so many live bootlegs. Nevertheless, enjoy this at maximum volume!

1) Welcome to Our Band
2) Gutless
3) Down
4) You're Right
5) Softcore
6) Lawn
7) Big
8) Want
9) Seethruskin
10) Driven
11) Fine Day
11) Equalized
13) Shield Your Eyes
14) Eye-5


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syn said...

few years late but the DL link is dead...can you upload it again? thanks!!!!