Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Dear mother,
This is just survival.
Cannot promise your children everything,
But you would lie so they can sleep tonight.
Defeat tasted nothing like you said.
Still 22 days left till the end of the world.
My legacy was making you a man
For a justice I could not change.
This is one voice not to forget;
"Fight every fight like you can win;
An iron fisted champion,
An iron willed fuck up."

Can anybody tell me why God won't speak to me?
Why Jesus never called on me to part the fucking seas?
Why death is easier than living?
You can be almost anything
When you're on your fucking knees.
Not today,
Not my son,
Not my family,
Not while walking is still honest,
And you haven't given up on me.

Dear shithead,
This isn't happening;
The sky is really falling,
The paint's all made of lead,
There's asbestos in the walls,
Hell's coming to rip off the doors
To your priveleged heaven.
Do you want to love and feel it?
You can look but you can't taste it.
You can reach but you'll never have it.
We are untouchable;
Untouchable is something to be.

Can anybody tell me why God won't speak to me?
Why Jesus never called on me to part the fucking seas?
Why death is easier than living?
You can be almost anything
When you're on your fucking knees.
Not today,
Not my son,
Not my family,
Not while walking is still honest,
And you haven't given up on me,
And you haven't given up on me,
And you haven't forgotten me...

(this song rips out my heart).

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Praise Al Gore, the Wait is Over

God bless Al Gore indeed.

C I V I L W A R is fantastic.

and NN2S is back!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fuck Fuck Fuck

New Mexican Disaster Squad broke up today

I'm not terribly surprised, but it still bums me out.

The Ergs! broke up a couple days ago as well, which is also pretty lame.


well at least the new Gatorface and Virgins records come out this fall!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Have My Books

Well I'm not gonna call you right
cuz that'd feel too much like failure
oh and i'm not one for begging
naw naw naw naw
I am an island
I won't admit that I actually need
naw I'm fine with just me
insist constantly
and I always repeat
I always repeat
and the other night
when I was trying to get
underneath her clothes
she said, Brett, don't we already know
where all this will go
yeah tomorrow
oh you'll just try to get rid of me
and i had to agree
yeah see there's something in that morning sun
oh it just floods through the windows
and fills
would a night
would a night
would a night
would a night
would a night seem so empty
so i'm just gonna
leave that phone be
I'll stay all alone
I'll stray replete
and I'll always
I'll always
I'll always
I'll always
I'll always
I'll always
I'll always

I got The Riot Before's new cd today. Damn its good. I remember them playing this song live at Asbury Lanes, and I got chills. This album is really, really, really good. I'll elaborate later on, after I give it proper listening treatment.

Monday, September 8, 2008

I Hate This Place, But I Love These Chords

What an awesome fucking weekend. And by weekend I mean from Thursday to Sunday. And by awesome I mean just those two days. Friday and Saturday were pretty fucking boring. Actually Friday wasn't too bad, I played risk with a couple friends, and I fucking love Risk. anyways:


O Pioneers!!! was a smashing success. We had a great turnout, the basement was packed, and the all the bands were fucking awesome. I look foward to both O Pioneers!!! new album coming out this month (hopefully) and 10-4 Eleanor's new whatever they are recording this month. Seriously go check out 10-4 Eleanor, they have that whole gruff midwestern melodic punk thing that everyone is into (myself included). So I guess that means they're orgcore. They brought a bunch of friends down from Fort Collins, who got the (basement) floor moving during their set. They were sort of on a mini-tour with OP!!!, as they were playing all three Colorado dates (Ft. Collins, Boulder, CO Springs), which is pretty cool for them. Masters of Suspicion played first, and it was one of their best performances yet, although I wish they would bring some new songs to the table.

After 10-4's set, everyone went upstairs as OP!!! began setting up. I was outside for a while talking to people, and as I heard noise drifting upstairs faintly from the basement, I figured the band was just doing sound check. After a couple minutes, I decided to head down to see how set-up was going, only to realize they had started their set already! I only missed a couple songs, but the rest of the set was fucking awesome, as I expected. It was a lot of new material, because of their recently acquired bassist, who hadn't learned all of the songs yet. From what I heard, the new album will destroy (again, as I expected). Eric announced the crowd that Aaron had been a douche all day, and promised a t-shirt and a CD for the first person to punch him in the balls. There was one attempt by 10-4's guitarist, but according to Eric, it "wasn't hard enough." After waiting a few minutes, I made my way to the bathroom, which was behind the band. It was there I saw my opening, and Aaron immediately keeled over in pain. It was hilarious, but I still kinda felt bad. Nobody likes getting punched in the balls. I smoked a bowl with him and and a couple others, and everything was cool. Speaking of which, the band had awesome fucking beer coozies that had "O Pioneers!!!" on one side, and "Drink More Weed" on the other. After OP!!! finished, everyone hung out for a few more hours, chatted, played ukele, got more drunk and high, and all the other usual post-show activities. It seems like house shows at "The Soulquarium/The Soulq/The Sulk" are becoming a regular occurance, and I'm ecstatic to be one of the few places in Boulder that actually has punk bands

Fuck the Fox.


Hot Water Music! Words cannot express how excited I was for this show, as they were one of the bands that broke up before I was able to see them live. I caught the bus down to Denver, and walking out of the bus I ran into two friends, and then walking out of the station I ran into a dude who was at my house for the O Pioneers!!! show, and two of his friends. We took the next bus to The Gothic Theater, which is a bitch and half to get to, especially on Sunday, and this trip was no different than my last attempt to go to a show there (Gogol Bordello, in the middle of December, finally arrived, and the show was sold out). Finally got there about 8, as the opening band, Mustangs and Madras, was playing. I saw them previously, opening for Planes Mistaken for Stars' final show, and my opinion on them hasn't changed. They were kinda boring, but the baritone sax their frontman played was interesting, if anything. Only Thunder came up next, and were much more enjoyable, and had a decent amount of fans in the crowd. It was really hard to hear their full sound, being directly in front of their lead guitarist the whole time, and that's more or less all I heard.

I stayed put, and luckily I was right in front of Chuck Ragan when Hot Water Music took the stage. Everything about their set was amazing. The venue wasn't too packed, there were no douchebags (very key), the song selection was awesome (a lot from No Division and Forever and Counting), and everyone in the band had a big smile on their face the entire time. You could tell they love doing what they do, and I hope this realization on their part will keep them off their hiatus. As much as I love Chuck Ragan's solo work, and enjoy The Draft, they just don't compare to the raw intensity and passion of Hot Water Music. When Jason's bass malfunctioned, right when he was supposed to have a solo (I believe during "Our Own Way", George just kept drumming, and Chuck and Chris joked back and forth, and as I have come to expect, Chris was drunk. Not so much as last time I saw him with The Draft, but noticeably so. When the bass problems were sorted out, they kicked right back into it. I managed to snag the set list and shake Chuck Ragan's hand when they finished, and that was worth more than any t-shirt.

A Flight and A Crash
Trusty Chords
Paper Thin
Better Sense
Jack of All Trades
Choked and Separated
All Heads Down
Moonpies for Misfits
The Sense
Just Don't Say You Lost It
Hard to Know
Our Own Way
At the End of A Gun

Thank you Hot Water Music, for allowing me to no longer hate the Gothic Theater

oh, and for making awesome music, that too.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I Like May Day Better

I'm not a big AFL fan (although the CIO used to be awesome in the 1930s), but I enjoy any day off I can get. Happy Labor Day!


If you live in/near/around Denver/Boulder, be there, or be square!