Monday, January 31, 2011

The Measure [SA] - Lauren's Gonna Hate This 7"

So I recently got a USB turntable, which is pretty bitchin'. Thus, I have been engaged in the slow, yet rewarding process of ripping my 7"s that I don't have digital copies of, and I eventually will work my way to the LPs. This benefits you, my thousands upon thousands of readers (i.e. random people stumbling upon this searching for mediafire links in google), as I will be posting some of these right here! O M G. The process has been fun to say the least, as I get to spend more time with my records, which is increasingly difficult these days, and I get to re-listen to a bunch of stuff I haven't touched in forever ("oh shit! I totally forgot I had this Dwarves record!").

The Measure [SA] are a band that means a lot to me (as I have detailed in earlier posts), and the news that they were disbanding was a bit of a blow to me. At least I had the pleasure of finally seeing them at The Fest 9 last year, and hopefully I will be able to see them in Gainesville again this year for their final show. This one-sided 7" (the b-side has a really awesome screenprinted artwork on the back) was originally included as a bonus with the initial pressing of One Chapter In the Book (their singles collection), and as a result is out of print and somewhat rare, although I'm sure you could acquire a physical copy pretty easily (I think I have 4-5, being the color nerd I am). The title song is one of the last recorded (or at least the last released) with Mike Regrets, and it is a vocally swaggering, musically hard hitting song, featuring choice lines such as "I'm beginning to think my friend is just another drink." It is followed up by their excellent cover of J Church's "Fascist Radio," whose deceased frontman Lance Hahn (RIP) graces the record sleeve. The 3rd track, "Pure Gold," is an audio documentation of several missed takes of the intro to "Portland," and is more or a less an entertaining throwaway.

On a related note (oh god pun fully unintended but hilarious to me), you should all pick up The Measure's newest LP Notes, released last fall. Its all sorts of awesome. It's got like, harmonicas and shit. The Pre-order pressing also came with an awesome bonus 7", and I'll probably post that sometime in the next couple weeks.

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all your phil ochs stuff is down!!! reupload please