Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, (Give Me) More Beer

In case you haven't heard, its the new year, which is cool, I suppose. 2010 was without a doubt one of the strangest years I've ever experienced. It was basically like the world's shittiest roller-coaster ride. Allow me elaborate:

Starting, oh, at about the beginning of 2009, it was nothing but going up that giant hill all slow and steady, for what seemed like forever, straight through 2010, and it was fantastic. The peak of this hill would be the end of July, when I suddenly dropped down without warning. What had been a wonderfully promising year turned into utter utter shit faster than I could believe. Now, I think I've gotten to the bottom of the drop, but now the car is stuck, and I have to wait for maintenance to come fix it. The worst part of the wait is having to sit there and stare at all the fun parts of the ride that I won't get to go through ("It's not fair, I came so goddamn close!") Its hard to believe its been five months, but I'm glad it flew by so fast. These past few months have been ungodly rough on me, but I made it through for two reasons: my friends and my music.

Why my friends saved me should be self-explanatory. They've been here for me this entire shitty saga, being nothing but supporting and awesome. From day one when I was left heartbroken, jobless, and potentially homeless, to now, when I'm bitter and drunk, but hopeful, they stuck by me, arm around my shoulder, and making me smile even when I didn't really want to be. Music has been my life since I was 13, which is when I discovered Jawbreaker. They were the band that changed my life, and they're still picking me up to this day. Without their songs, I might not have escaped these past few months fully intact. Numerous other bands/albums/songs helped me trudge through the shit, but none more the Jawbreaker.

So for the new year and for the band that will forever mean more to me than any two-faced harpy, starting today, I will be posting some Jawbreaker bootlegs all week. So here's to another lousy millennium!

Up first are the band's first two demos, recorded in 1989. Parts of the first demo appear on Etc, but there are several songs left off, including "World of Shit," which is the sole song that Chris Bauermeister sings.

Demo #1

Demo #2

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