Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Phil Ochs - Live 10/22/66, Salle Claude Champagne, Montreal

Here's a pretty great long bootleg of Ochs in Montreal, 1966. It's a great mix of songs from his first three albums, and the soon to be released Pleasures of the Harbor. It also notably features songs from Tape from California and Rehearsals ("Joe Hill," "Doesn't Lenny..."), as well as "Song of My Returning," which wouldn't be officially released until 80's on A Toast... Of course what makes Ochs' live recordings, both official and bootleg, worthwhile is his between song banter, as well as hearing the songs with expanded arrangements stripped down, this being no exception. Enjoy!

1. Cross My Heart
2. Song of My Returning
3. The Bells
4. Flower Lady
5. Miranda
6. Joe Hill
7. I'm Gonna Say It Now
8. Pleasures of the Harbor
9. I Ain't Marching Anymore
10. Outside of A Small Circle
11. I've Had Her
12. There But For Fortune
13. Cops of the World
14. Crucifixion
15. Is There Anybody Here
16. Changes
17. The Party
18. Doesn't Lenny Live Here Anymore
19. The Power and the Glory

Monday, October 11, 2010

Phil Ochs - On My Way: 1963 Demo Session

This is a newly released gem, and I highly recommend you go out and purchase it if you enjoy it as much as I do. Although many of these demo session cds aren't really essential to a casual Phil Ochs listener's discography, they often contain songs that aren't available elsewhere. Such is the case with On My Way. Of particular note on this collection is "Bobby Dylan Record," which on the surface appears to be another satirical jab at Phil's favorite non political target, but is actually a narrative about the aftermath of a break-up, in which the protagonist pleads for his ex to "take my Bobby Dylan record off your wall" and not play it for another. Other songs that appear to be "new" are "Once I lived the Life of a Commissar," "First Snow" and several others. "Bullets of Mexico" also appears here in an early form as "The Ballad of Ruben Jaramillo."

The recording quality is about what you would expect from a demo session, although you can tell its been cleaned up. Phil offers explanations for many of the songs, as well as what chords to play, which is pretty cool. So...enjoy!