Friday, January 7, 2011

"Do You Know That New York Guy?": Jawbreaker - Live 8/31/92 at ABC No Rio, NYC

This a pretty fun bootleg I came across early last year. The band is in the midst of a tour supporting Bivouac, but are playing a fair amount of songs that would eventually appear on 24 Hour Revenge Therapy, as well as covering Bad Religion's "Chasing the Wild Goose" (from their maligned experimental Into the Unknown album). The sound quality is ok, its a little muffled and has some weird noise effects going on, most likely from recording transfers, being 20 years old and all. For the most part its tolerable, but "Chesterfield King" is pretty gnarly. I mostly chose this one because of the Bad Religion cover and the early versions of 24 Hour songs, and all the other bootlegs I have from 1992 are from 924 Gilman, and I didn't want to post another of those. (I think I have 6 or 7 924 Gilman Jawbreaker bootlegs, half of which are from 1992, haha)

The banter is pretty worthwhile here, Blake and some members of the audience seem to be bouncing off of each other. Blake gets frustrated by heckling while trying to explain "Boat," as well at some other points, but not terribly so. The funniest is when they start calling him the guy from Anthrax, and Blake responds "I'm the guy from Anthrax, that's correct. That was a funny joke an hour ago, and now, not so funny! Hey, do you know that New York guy?"



1. The Boat Dreams from the Hill
2. West Bay Invitational
3. Donatello
4. Face Down
5. Chesterfield King
6. Indictment
7. Parabola
8. In Sadding Around
9. Fine Day
10. Want
11. Tour Song
12. Chasing the Wild Goose

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